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Can you find the beauty in getting beat up by life?

Can you find the beauty in getting beat up by life? Good morning good people; I'll get right to it. I am finding life gets more brutal as you get older. I anticipated life would get a little easier as I get older and gain more knowledge and wisdom. I thought how easy it would be to master the art of a successful life as I get older. You expect it to turn out the way you envisioned when you worked hard for something, right?. I am learning the hard way that life will punch you in the gut and give you a right hook when you're not looking. Life has an interesting way of challenging you to either give up or to push harder to ascertain success in life. I want to stress that everyone's definition of success is different (later post). In this case, I would equate success as being happy and enjoying life where ever you are, finding peace, laughter, and joy in the little things, and being of service to others. Find what makes you sing in the morning and what motivates you to run in the mornings ( later post). What makes you want to get up with the rooster and greet the day with a smile? Notice nothing I mentioned cost money. Now I am not saying money is not a good thing to have or obtaining wealth doesn't afford happiness in something you can buy. But finding wealth in peace, joy, relationships, and laughter in life is free.

According to, some of the basic and advanced tips for taking punches in the boxing ring are: relax, keep eye contact, brace your body for the shots, strengthen your neck, and roll with the punches. The beauty in getting beat up by life is, one, you will learn how to take whatever life throws at you (roll with the punches). Two, you become mentally strong, strengthen

your thoughts (support your neck). Three you will learn how to stand and weather the storm (brace your body for the shots). Four, you will not be astonished when the punch comes because you are now aware that life will throw punches (keep eye contact). Lastly, but certainly not least, you'll learn how to relax and take the punch because you now know life is not smooth sailing at all times; sometimes, it's a right hook or a body shot. A fight to stay the course, center your thoughts on your higher power and your higher self; paraphrasing Michelle Obama when life goes low, you go high.

The beauty in getting beat up by life is once you learn to brace yourself for taking punches in life. You will learn to duck and slip (a counteraction for avoiding a punch and fighting back in boxing). You will learn to fight back, not give up on yourself, and not give up on your dreams and happiness. So keep fighting, keep searching and keep trying, cry if you must, kick and scream if you must, throw a tantrum if you must but keep trying. Know that crying doesn't compromise your strength; giving up does.

Kind Words: Relate to your greatness and not your weakness.

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