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Fall into the beauty of the Fall season

Fall into the beauty of the Fall season. The temperature is falling, and the leaves are falling as we

fall into Autumn. Oh, what a beautiful sight as we near the Holiday season. As winter soon follows, we can start pulling out the sweaters, hats, boots, blazers, and pumpkin spice. I often begin with a short story; however, today, I will start with something trivial and how suiting as we fall into the beauty of the fall season. I had this question posed to me several times, as I'm sure you've heard of this trivial question as well. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I heard this many times and never really thought too deeply about it; however, today, I was sitting on my patio working. My patio backs to what I call a forest, but it's not really; there is just a slew of trees and bushes and let's not forget to mention the weeds. I kept hearing what I thought was birds; then I thought, oh, it's drizzling, and then as I starting packing up my laptop and books to run in the house because I thought maybe it was some foreign animal lurking in the bushes. I looked up and followed the leaves falling from the tallest trees and soon realized it was the sound of falling leaves. I thought how beautiful to hear the fall changes happening in nature right in front of me. So, if I can hear the leaves falling surly a tree falling in the forest does make a sound;)