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Five mindful tips to get over a breakup

Updated: May 30

Five mindful tips to get over a breakup. If you are over a particular age, you've experienced several breakups, friendships, and relationships. It would be challenging to move on if they were of value, with plenty of laughs and meaningful conversations. Depending on your characteristics, it may never be easy to walk away, but necessary. So how can you walk away? Five Mindful tips to get over a breakup.

  1. Why? Why did this relationship begin initially? Where was I in my life at that time? Was I insecure? Did I need companionship? Did I need to forget about something? Did I need help moving on from something? Did I need help reaching a goal?

  2. Why was the relationship beneficial for me during this time? Did it cause me to change my level of thinking? Did it motivate me? Did it encourage me? Did this person cause me to see life differently? Was I missing something in my life, and that relationship "filled in the blanks"?

  3. Why is this person no longer of value to me? Did this person do something or say something that overshadowed or superseded the initial attraction? Did this person change? Did this person possess other qualities that don't align with your vision, morals, or standards? Did I miss something about this person at the beginning that is now made clear?

  4. Why do I have to get over this relationship? Because it will hinder my growth? Will it negatively impact my mood? Is it blocking me from reaching a goal? Has my mindset changed, and Do I view this person differently now that I've grown, or has this person outgrown me?

  5. Why? Why has this relationship ended? Did this person offend me? Did this person cheat? Did this person move out of the state or the country? Did I verbalize my discontentment, and did this person disregard my feelings, views, or standards? Has this person crossed a boundary or reached a hard limit for me?

Yes, there are questions within a question (why). Answering the why question in any situation, your personal or professional life, is the diamond in most circumstances; you will gain clarity, perspective, strength, and growth if you can answer why? Yes, breakups are hard at the beginning and not easy by no stretch of the imagination but gainful if you can change your level of thinking. Perhaps you learned something about yourself. Maybe you learned something about people, life, or a lesson that you would never have experienced had you not encountered this relationship. Only you can answer the why questions. In my experience, these five mindful tips to get over a breakup of any kind can point you in the direction of getting over the breakup if you are completely, one hundred percent, and irreversibly honest with yourself about WHY? Breakups can be brutal yet may be beautiful if you can change your perspective.

Kind Words: Change your mind change your life. -Natalie Edwards

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