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Five mindful tips to healthy living and clean eating in 2022

Five mindful tips to healthy living and clean eating in 2022

Intermittent fasting, personal trainer, drinking more water, cutting carbs, incorporating fixed meal plans in your diet; whatever you're choosing to do for your new year resolution to shed that stubborn body fat, nothing changes unless your thinking and daily habits change. Small changes lead to significant results. In my experience, and as the saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race". I started my weight loss journey in January 2021. However, I did not gain traction or see results until six months in because I had to find what worked for me and good reasons to change, so I devised five mindful tips for healthy living and clean eating instead of dieting. I tried so many weight loss regimens and workout plans during this time and in the past, and none of them worked for me until I got serious about living a healthier lifestyle, eating clean, and finding what exercise routine worked for me. When I changed my thinking, made small changes daily to my eating habits, started walking two to three days a week, and slowly started combining running and walking, I started seeing results almost immediately. Because I was comfortable and felt confident in my clothes and appearance when I was at my heaviest, my comfortability made it more challenging to change my thinking and eating habits. Therefore, I had to find other ways to motivate myself to change my thinking. What inspired me to change my thinking, you ask? Well, the answers are;

1. COVID; learning that people with underlying health ailments, including overweight people, are suffering the most and understanding the effects and after-effects some folks have after contracting this terrible illness. So I decided to get serious. Also, when the nation was in quarantine, I realized I would either lose excessive weight or gain excessive weight, so I chose the latter.

2. Family history; I learned through research that family health history does not have to be my story. So I chose to educate myself about the dangers of eating certain foods, and I learned the benefits of eating the right foods. Over time, learning which food groups harmed my body catapulted me to change my thinking and relationship with food.

3. Grace; I decided to challenge myself to find healthier and tastier foods and snacks to replace unhealthy foods and snacks. However, I also decided to give myself grace; if I had to have some chips or a candy bar, I would buy the smallest bag of chips. Also, instead of a bar of milk chocolate candy, I would buy one or two dark chocolate pieces, savor the taste and get back on track for the next meal or the next day and commit to giving myself at least two weeks before I snack again. As a result, I didn't feel the need to snack as often over time because I was treating myself sparingly.

4. Fun Activities; I decided to find exercises and activities that I enjoyed, which didn't necessarily feel like I had to over-extend myself to do it because it was fun and exhilarating. It bought me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment after completion.

5. Starting over daily; I decided, it's okay to "fall off the wagon" or even get "rolled over by the wagon" but get up, dust myself off, and start again. The saying is so cliche, but it doesn't matter how many times I fell off the wagon; what mattered to me was how many times I got up. I decided to make a daily choice, an hourly choice, and a minute-to-minute choice to keep going and choose better, every day, every hour, and every second.

I hope this post inspires you in some way to decide how to create tips for your healthy living and clean eating in 2022. Good luck and enjoy it while you do it.

Kind Words; Change your mind change your life. - Natalie Edwards

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