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Five ways a woman can lose herself.

Updated: Mar 26

Five ways a woman can lose herself.

I believe women are the eighth wonder of the world. We are pillars of strength, resilience, endurance, and exciting artifacts. We live in a world of empowered women; we can do it all, build and run a business, take care of the kids, serve in some capacity, and enrich our personal lives with family, friends, partners, and a host of other things. It can be so easy for a woman to lose herself. If you are not careful, becoming consumed with what is happening in your world can cause a woman to lose herself. Time will creep up on you if you are not conscious and aware. Before you know, years have gone by, the kids are young adults, the relationship is no longer the same, you're exhausted from work, and you are no longer recognizable to yourself. In some cases, you don't even realize times have changed, and you are still the same, without growth, because you forgot to take care of yourself. Consider this post a reminder not to lose yourself balancing life. There are many ways a woman can lose herself however I've included five ways a woman can lose herself below.

The first way a woman can lose herself is in a relationship. Relationships are a give and take, or if you are lucky, your relationship can be one person constantly trying to outdo the other when it comes to expressing love. However, some relationships could become centered around your partner's needs only, leaving your needs unfulfilled. Women are nurturers by nature. I know it is cliche, but, indeed, there are some exceptions; however, for the most part, women naturally want to take care of that particular person in their lives; we want to see our partners do well, succeed and be happy. Becoming involved with your partner's happiness is normal; however, not healthy when you lose yourself.

Secondly, taking care of your kids can take up so much of your time and space in your head and your heart, consumed with their school work, after school activities, their health, eating habits, wondering if they are safe, happy, and doing well in school amongst other things. You can quickly become an afterthought or not a thought at all.

Worrying about what others think or say about you, dimming your light to make others feel comfortable. Believe it or not, women are doing this more often than not. We all want to be liked and adored by the people in our lives. So to be valued, accepted, and appreciated by the people in our lives is an unexpressed and unconscious expectation. Surely we don't expect to be disliked by the people in our circle. In some cases, a woman can most assuredly lose herself by wearing a mask to fit in a certain circle or even to fit in to your own family.

Work, spending eight to ten hours a day and sometimes longer if you take work home with you, consumes most of your day. Spending forty-plus hours a week taking care of work is not an option for some; deadlines and obligations have to be met, causing you to become so consumed with work. Forgetting to take care of yourself or simply not having the time is likely.

Last but certainly not least, not living the life you envision for yourself, living according to the status quo, living your life according to how others live. It is inevitable to "unsee what is seen." Fantasizing and wanting what someone else has and not recognizing who you are and what you have. We often chase someone else dreams without realizing the beauty in our visions, therefore, losing ourselves wrapped up in other people's visions and dreams.

Women get it done. Speeding through life, in a hurry to get to work on time, in a hurry to get the kids up and ready for school on time. In a hurry to get home to cook dinner, help the kids with homework, and after-school activities. It is so easy to lose yourself in your everyday world. I encourage you to take inventory of your life. Where do you fit in? Where do you fit in in your own life? It would be best if you were first at all times. Easier said than done, right? How can you give one hundred percent if you're not one hundred percent? Take time, spend time with you first.

Kind Words; Be kind to yourself; It's okay to lose yourself in yourself.

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