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Hair fact or myth

Updated: Feb 25

Hair fact or myth, we all have our theories about hair growth, hair textures, hair patterns, what chemical does to the hair, etc. I want to shed some light on some facts and myths about hair:

  1. Hair treatments sustain the longevity of your tresses; This is true. However, hair treatments are temporary, which means treatments mend the hair as long as the product is sealed in the cuticle layer; once the cuticles are open after application, the risk of further splitting or damage is probable.

  2. Oiling your scalp will promote hair growth. This is a myth as oiling your scalp will cause blockage in your follicles, stunting the hair growth and overall health of your hair. Hydration treatments are suitable for dry scalp and your hair. Also, drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated, and it will do the same for your scalp. Green Leafy vegetables are also great for a healthy scalp. What you put in your body comes out in your scalp, skin, and hair. As you know, hair is an extension of your skin made up of keratin and dead skin cells. Side Note: if you must oil your scalp, I recommend a naturally light product such as olive oil. Castor oil, or jojoba oil, however, I would advise you to shampoo every two to three days to rid your scalp and strands of oil and dirt build-up.

  3. Any shampoo will work for any hair type. This is a myth; Choosing the right shampoo for your hair texture, hair condition, and scalp is essential. What is suitable for most hair types is to use a sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate is a derivative of salt acid which can cause dry scalp and dry hair.

  4. Any conditioner will work for any hair type. This is a myth. Like choosing the correct shampoo for your hair type, texture, and condition, the same rule applies to conditioner. It is crucial to determine what conditioner will work for your tresses, as choosing the wrong conditioner, you're risking damaging your hair during the styling process.

  5. Stimulating the scalp will promote hair growth. This is a myth. Minoxidil is one of the only FDA-approved products to promote hair growth. If you are experiencing hair loss, I advise you to meet with your professional hairstylist or dermatologist. They will help you determine the reason for your hair loss. Minoxidil will work as long as you use it; however, if the problem is internal or because of the use of an un-avoidable medication, you will experience repeat hair loss as a result.

  6. Chemical services will cause damage to your hair. This is a myth; done correctly, routine visits to your stylist, and proper at-home patience, not all chemical services are damaging.

Well, that is my time, good people; please look for more tips on hair fact or myth, until next time, take care of your hair because your hair is your "Crown and Glory."

Kinds Words; Accept the challenge you are facing. It may become your greatest gift.

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