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Happy in the New Year

Updated: Jan 9

Happy in the New Year is at the top of everyone's list of resolutions for the new year. Ring in the

new year with champagne, family, friends, fireworks, and happy vibes. What does it mean to you to be happy in the new year? Happy is a state of mind, happiness is a state of being, and happiness is a state of consciousness. Let's discuss, shall we? A state of being means where are you mentally? Are you sane, or are you insane? have you allowed the ways of the world in 2021 to affect you in such a way that you are no longer your happy, loving, confident self? Your mental state is primal when it comes to creating your happiness. Mental happiness does not lie in material things; mental happiness lies in unseen things that you can't physically touch. State of mind, according to Webster, means emotional state: mood. Where are you emotionally? Are you in control of your emotions? or are you letting the ways of the world around you control your emotions and your mood? Managing your feelings and mood and not allowing what is happening around you to affect your happy space is maturity and self-awareness at its best. too deep? - well, happiness is deep, more profound than what the eyes can see. Lastly, happiness is a state of consciousness. Have you been present for every moment in 2021? or have you allowed Covid-19 and other monolithic and distressing turns of events to alter your state of mind, state of being, and state of consciousness? Happy in the new year or any day is obtainable; happiness is emotionally functioning in the state of your mind, being, and consciousness. Say goodby to 2021, take some time; in fact, take all the time you need to find your happiness in the new year. May the coming year be fulfilling, remarkable, extraordinary, peaceful, conscious, and love.

Kins Words: Hoppy New Year - 2022

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