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How can you find what makes you happy?

How can you find what makes you happy? Being happy is sometimes a state of mind in this day and time. But, of course, being happy is a state of being, being in a place that makes you happy, being with a person that makes you happy, doing something that makes you happy, doing things that make your soul soar and your heart roar. But what can you do when you are unable to be in the places that make you happy or be with the person that makes you happy or doing the things that make you happy; How can you find what makes you happy during the unforeseen rough times. Such as a global pandemic and the world is practically under "house arrest" for a "malfeasance" we didn't commit. Well, I will give it to you the same as I always do, "to my point and no fluff. "Explore, soul search, reminisce (but don't live in the past); that's the beauty of remembrance; imagine, dream, and prepare because tough times don't always last. And finally, find enjoyment and pleasure in the little things along the way.

  1. Explore. I sometimes grab free magazines from the grocery store (Whole Foods), even when I am not shopping; I will read the articles, sometimes cut out articles or pictures of interest, and post them on my vision board. The article or picture may be of a place I want to experience or an article or picture that may serve as a growth opportunity or goal I would like to achieve, such as body image or improving my character somehow.

  2. Soul Searching. Soul searching can sometimes be a little challenging because it is all about being honest with yourself about who you are, and I mean the brutal stuff, the good, the bad, and the indifferent; the things that make you, you. Sitting in silence, thinking about your actions and reactions to your interactions with people and encounters, is a sure way to recognize the things about yourself that you want to work on; you will also learn about the things you love about yourself. You will discover you, which you will be happy when you know who you are.

  3. Reminisce. We hold on to pictures, or things and memories so we can revisit a time or a person or a place that made us happy or even made us grow in some way. Sometimes it does the complete opposite, which could remind us of what not to do.

  4. Imagine and Dream. Life beyond your current situation lies in your imagination and dreams. For example, do you ever imagine yourself in a better financial position? or physically in a different place, such as the beach, another country, another home, or another relationship? It is all possible. It doesn't have to be in your imagination or dreams; however, it starts in your imagination and your dreams.

  5. Step four was a segway to step five; Prepare. Write down what you imagine, write down your dreams, look at them every day to envision what it will be like when you get there. How can you find what will make you happy? First, imagine and dream of yourself having reached your goal. It will make you happy and motivate you. Then, put action behind what you want, make the call, research the internet, look in a book or a magazine, join a group. After you imagine and dream, all it takes is the next step.

What makes me happy is to serve somehow, so I hope these steps on finding what makes you happy serve you in some way and motivate you to explore, search, reminisce, imagine, dream, and prepare for your state of happiness.

Kind Words; Plan your work and work your plan. - Natalie Edwards

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