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How to determine quality hair extensions before you purchase.

Updated: Mar 27

How to determine quality hair extensions before you purchase
How to determine quality hair extensions before you purchase.

How to determine quality hair extensions before you purchase. There are so many choices for hair extensions, so many companies ensure the best quality at the best price, but what makes good quality hair extensions in a world full of options? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration before you purchase. I pride myself on learning and understanding what is new, quality, and worth spending a substantial amount of money on in the beauty industry. I also believe in affordability for women in all financial brackets to be as beautiful as they see themselves (inside and out). Now I must note that I do believe in inflation. However, I disagree with financially gouging and overpricing just because. The beauty industry is ever-changing, and for the better, I might add. What a pleasure and a rewarding experience to be a part of making women feel good about themselves. Witnessing a woman's mood and attitude change when her beauty is enhanced outwardly (and inwardly, another post) is gratifying.

In some cases, women looking beautiful on the outside can change how we feel about ourselves on the inside, maybe for a short period of time and perhaps indefinitely rendering inner changes to match what is seen on the outside. Life has a way of altering how we see ourselves, and I believe quality and affordable hair extensions should be an accessible option for women with all hair types, hair conditions, and a vast number of financial situations. Good quality hair extensions aids in counter reacting to what life, the world around us, and genetics tell us what is beautiful and what isn't.

I have been in the beauty industry for over fifteen years, with extensive, hands-on experience in hair extensions. So I can physically look without touching a hair bundle to determine if it is quality hair extensions and worth spending the asking price or if it is not worth the asking price at all. Below I've listed a few determining factors when choosing quality hair extensions. I hope this information finds you well and gives you some insight when investing in your next hair extensions.

1. Look at the hair from the weft down, the shaft to the ends. Hair density on a person's head is measured by the number of strands of hair growing out of the scalp in a square inch. There is low, medium, and high-density hair. Low-density hair I consider being categorized as thin hair, exposing the scalp to a large portion of the head while the hair is in its natural state (no chemicals). Medium-density hair is in between thin and thick hair, exposing the scalp in some areas. High-density hair, I consider thick hair, that covers the entire head, not exposing any of the scalp while the hair is in the natural state or straightened. I believe "hair extensions density" is the number of strands from the weft down the shaft and to the ends. I determine if the hair strands from the weft down the shaft and to the ends are consistent, with little to no split ends and cuticles aligned in the same direction (cuticles not aligned will "look like" split ends throughout the shaft) and surely tangle. If the fullness of the strands is aligned, consistently full from the weft, down the shaft, and to the ends, it is potentially good quality hair extensions.

2. Feel the weft the ensure if the weft is tight or flimsy. If the weft is tight, it is potentially good quality hair extensions and will not shed from the weft. Over time after several shampoos and wear, the weft will give way and become flimsy. However, new, unused hair extensions weft should be double stitched and feel tight to the touch.

3. Lastly, Coloring - is the hair extensions in a natural hair color, or has it been chemically altered. Is it "virgin" hair or processed hair (chemically altered)? How can you determine good-quality hair extensions without chemicals? Mostly unprocessed or virgin hair extensions will be in the colors of 1B to 2 in hair color. In lament terms off-black, dark brown to medium brown hair color, anything darker or lighter could be processed or chemically altered hair. Now, as I mentioned earlier, this business is ever-changing. With that said, there is now what is called 613 hair which is platinum blonde color hair extension that is said to be "virgin" hair also. This raised a question for me because now I wonder how women in the world are growing platinum color hair to be cut off their heads to be engineered as "wefted" (I believe I made that word up) hair and sold by the masses? Well, I can not confidently answer that question, and if I could, that would be a discussion for another post; but for this post, I will sum it up as being hair extensions "produced" without chemicals. I've worked with some 613 hair extensions, and just like the naturally colored hair extensions, the 613 hair looks, feels and colors like "virgin hair." So I would go so far as to say the same rule of thumb for naturally colored virgin hair extensions applies to the 613 hair extensions when determining good quality hair extensions.

In closing, the beauty of hair extensions is, they will allow women versatility. We can change our hair, change the length, change the color, change the density, and change the style just as quick and easy as changing our hats. Hair extensions are literally and figuratively at the top of and the beginning of a portion of your "canvas."

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