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I am my sister's keeper even when she doesn't know it

I am my sister's keeper even when she doesn't know it. Sisterhood is something to be cherished; it is a love like no other, and it is a love and a bond that can be broken but shouldn't be broken. So what is I am sister's keeper even when she doesn't know it? My sister's keeper can be your biological sister or cousin. She could be your friend, and she could be a stranger. My sister's keeper can be any woman that respects herself, loves herself, and is secure enough with who she is to respect, love, and encourage another woman regardless of race, religious beliefs, political affiliation, or anything else. I must warn you this subject may be disputable; however, I am going there is this post.

We live in a cynical world that has become excessively polarized on how we look outside that we tend to forget what's beneath.

We see one another through our perspective rather than through the lens of love, kindness, respect, patience, and understanding. " where is the love"? It is unfair for women to see and admire what only the eyes can see in other women rather than seeing inner and outer beauty. I am my sister's keeper even when she doesn't know it is a woman who celebrates other women even in their absence. She is a woman that walks in humility, a woman not intimidated by someone else's beauty or success. She is a curious woman who wants to know your story. She seeks to understand. She is a woman who values and appreciates other women's individuality and beauty on the inside and outside. I am my sister's keeper even when she doesn't know it; She is also a woman who would walk away from you but still supports and forgives you seven times seventy and still respect herself and you enough to understand there is beauty beneath all of us. We all want to be seen, accepted, and acknowledged. We want to be heard, appreciated, and respected. Can we see past our level of understanding to recognize the beauty in other women no matter if they look different, speak differently, or act differently? Women and young women should be a pillar of strength, encouragement, and reverence for one another because you never know what she is carrying. You also may be overlooking her value, looking through the lens of your perspective rather than seeing what lies beneath.

Kind Words: When your inner and outer worlds harmonize, your relationships do too.

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