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Lifestyle of the rich and fameless

The lifestyle of the rich and "fameless." Is it possible for you to create the life you envision for yourself? Do you consider yourself to be rich? Do you desire all the riches life can offer you? How rich are you currently? Rich by definition of existence, family, friends, and experiences are what I am referring to; as the saying goes, you can have all the money and the world, but it will never buy you happiness. A rich lifestyle can be about monetary riches, but true riches are a state of mind, a state of being, gratitude, and a state of awareness. True riches come in the form of freedom, free to be at peace with who you are and aspire to be. What moves you to be completely comfortable and happy with who you are and where you are in your life, not complacent but confidently comfortable in the present time with the knowledge there is more that you will experience in life. Adding fluff to a post isn't the norm for me, but today I will share a little fluff in this post. Like many of us, I had a friend who was searching for self, not self-love but self. I believe we all love ourselves to certain degrees (more about that in another post). She lost everything she owned, and she and her young child were homeless. We often talked and often laughed about life and experiences. Our conversations were deep and meaningful.

We were so eager to be expressive that we would cut each other a mid-sentence in agreeance with a statement or experience or give each other valuable "diamonds" ( a term I like to use when a valuable message is divulged). On those calls, she was always happy, upbeat, and joyous never expressed she was homeless but always talked about volunteering and helping others. She was rich. Rich and fameless. Fameless because no one knew her struggle. Her richness came from being one with nature; she enjoyed riding bikes, going to parks, arts and crafts, and enjoying the essence of life, non-monetary things—only she and the higher power she served knew her struggle. She is well now, but I'd like to believe because of her lifestyle of the rich and fameless she was happy even then; just as she is happy now, knowing there is always more to experience in life than her current situation. Therefore, refusing to allow her circumstance during that time obscure her belief that there is more to experience in life than where she was.

Kind Words: Wrong turns have right lanes! -Michael Phillips

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