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Nine reasons why eyelash extensions are beautiful investments.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Nine reasons why eyelash extensions are beautiful investments.

Nine reasons why eyelash extensions are beautiful investments

Strip lashes, individual lashes, cluster lashes, fan lashes, and more; there are so many variants of eyelash extensions and so many styles of eyelash extensions. There are Cat Eye, Mega Volume, Hybrid, and more. There are also many different techniques for installing eyelash extensions, depending on the lash artist and the desired style. I have the incredible pleasure of working with women who invest in eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are beautiful investments because;

  1. Enhance eye color - Whether you have beautiful brown eyes or marble color eyes, eyelash extensions magnify the eye color.

  2. Enhance the shape of your eyes - If you have almond-shaped eyes or your eyes are round like a penny, eyelash extensions intensify the shape pronouncing the beauty and uniqueness of your eyes and face.

  3. Illuminates the dimensions in the face - Eyelash extensions draw attention to your features encouraging eye contact and admiration of your eyes and face.

  4. Opens your eyes- There are many variants to the shape of your eye, some of us have monolid eyes, some close-set eyes, and some of us have downturned eyes, to name a few. Eyelash extensions are a beautiful investment in this scenario because they rectify, correct, conceal, or enhance what we like or dislike about our eyes.

  5. Fills in the blanks - If you naturally have thin lashes and desire fuller lashes, then eyelash extensions are beautiful options for adding volume.

  6. Elongate your lashes - Some of us have fuller yet shorter lashes, adding some length with eyelash extensions is another reason why eyelash extensions are a beautiful investment.

  7. It saves you time in the mornings - Eyelash extensions save time when putting on makeup, and in some cases, you don't need makeup, just your lashes to add to your beautiful face as an enhancement, and you are ready to go about your day or your night ;).

  8. Changes the color of the your lashes - If you are a blond beauty or growing wisdom from your lash line, eyelash extensions "draw a veil over" your lashes.

  9. They stand out in pictures and videos - If it is your wedding day or you're just taking a selfie for social media. Eyelash extensions are a beautiful investment, because they are evident in photos and videos, evoking your features. In addition, eyelash extensions are waterproof; they should not come off after tears of joy with the proper installation and adhesive.

These are some of the reasons why eyelash extensions are a beautiful investment. With the proper installations, at-home care, and regular visits with your preferred lash artist, you can wear eyelash extensions for six to eight weeks, getting a refill somewhere in the middle. In addition, the longevity of your eyelash extensions depends on your lifestyle. I recommend you replace an old set with a new set after two or three refills to check the condition of your eyelashes.

Kind Words: Unseen beauty can be seen. - Natalie Edwards

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