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Starting over at fifty and beyond

Updated: May 30

Starting over at fifty and beyond, You wake up and find yourself in this unimaginable place. Up till now, your life is happening. It is not perfect, but it's going, and you roll with the punches. One day you wake up, and you realize you've embarked on an unfamiliar path, a path of poor decision making, overlooking red, yellow, and green flags only you thought some of those flags were flags of a different color. Your life now is not what you envisioned, and you are in this place of loss, despair, and regret. You gave yourself to life, and life gave you disappointments, trials, and hurdles that sent you or your career or both in a downward spiral that you didn't see coming. Starting over at fifty and beyond, can you even start over at fifty and beyond? The answer is yes; it's never too late to start again and again, and again if necessary. I believe the challenge is not can you start over at fifty and beyond, but where should you start at fifty and beyond? What can you do to get back on track or on a new track? Same as my last post, a little fluff (I'm becoming pretty "fluffy" in my posts, lol). There is a Netflix original series called Grace and Frankie; this show gives me life, hope, inspiration, and plenty of laughs. The show's premise is about two women in their seventies starting over after finding out their husbands are gay and in love with each other, and now at seventy, the men want a divorce from Grace and Frankie to marry each other. Now, Grace and Frankie are forced to start life over in a new dating era and technology-based world, along with other challenges at seventy and beyond. Although this is a tv show, I believe the main characters are actually in their eighties in real life, which supports my claim that you can indeed start over at fifty and beyond. Starting over at fifty and beyond, there are many outlets to learn about living a healthier lifestyle.

There is so much accessible information on improving poor eating habits, holistic remedies for healing health issues, and improving gut health and mental health to live a longer, more fulfilling life at fifty and beyond. Starting over at fifty and beyond. Start with you; your mental, physical, and emotional health. Secondly, seek things you enjoy that inspire you to dream, create, laugh, and grow, such as reading, tv shows, walking, running, biking, social media outlets, social gatherings, trying new recipes, yoga, trying anything new out of the ordinary, new hair color or hair cut and different styles of dressing, and even dating. What I'm about to say is one of the most cliches; however, one of the most accurate, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. Do your best to keep going and keep recreating yourself, no matter the circumstances, because starting over at any age is an option.

Kind Words: Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step.

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