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The beauty and wonder of Thanksgiving

Updated: Jan 27

The beauty and wonder of Thanksgiving. Oh, what a beautiful day to experience. A day of thankfulness, reflection, and joy. Giving thanks for life for intangible things and tangible things are all a part of this glorious day. Whether you are spending the day alone or with friends and family, history tells us Thanksgiving is a celebratory tribute to God's protection over our lives after a war. Though we should give thanks daily for the blessings bestowed upon us, Thanksgiving day is a global reminder that we should give thanks continuously. So, if you are a person of a certain age who has weathered the storm of some war, whether it be the warfare of the mind or physical warfare, give thanks to "your" God for seeing your through the storm so that you may experience the beauty and wonder of another Thanksgiving.

Kind Words; Give thanks, foster love, and kindness to yourself and others every day.

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