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Trauma Triggers

Trauma Triggers. What are your trauma triggers? Do you even recognize you have trauma triggers? Various types of trauma subsequently trigger reveling hardship. Three types of trauma are acute, chronic, and complex. Acute trauma is a single assurance; Chronic trauma is a repeat occurrence of the same undertaking such as physical abuse. Complex trauma refers to multiple traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, experiencing murders of someone close to you, and a car crash happening to a person. Trauma triggers take you back to a place and time you were experiencing the trauma. For example, If you grew up in a violent neighborhood where there was gun violence, it could have been many years in your past; when you hear a sound that resembles a gun, your reaction could be to run, that is an indication of a trigger. Another example, if you grew up in a home where a discussion turned into domestic violence, and now as an adult, when you're in the company of two people who were having a heated conversation, your immediate response is to leave the room in fear it could turn into violence. That could be an indication that heated conversations are a trigger for you. Sometimes we can get so caught up with life that we don't even realize we are experiencing trauma triggers. Often times without noticing your heart becomes damaged and bitter. Do I have an answer or remedy for dealing with trauma triggers? I don't, however, in my experiences, recognizing trauma triggers existence are the pathway to healing, coping, and changing. My goal is to bring awareness to what triggers our responses to life experiences resulting from trauma triggers. Also, I would like to draw attention to recognizing your triggers so that you can live a life free of being enslaved to your trauma trigger and reliving your trauma every time you are triggered.

Kind Words; People who love are forgiving

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