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What are five things to consider when choosing a flat iron for your hair?

Updated: Jan 9

When choosing the best flat iron for your hair, what are five things to consider? Like so many aspects in the beauty industry, there are so many choices for flat Irons. Before I continue, let me tell you a little about my experience in the beauty industry. I am a licensed cosmetologist, eighteen years in the capacity of hair. I've worked with a vast number of flat irons over the years, some of which were not good, some were just mediocre, and there were a few of which straightened, shined, and curled tresses

exceptionally well. I've also worked with many hair textures, including fine, medium, coarse, and chemically treated hair, so choosing the appropriate flat iron is imperative for protecting, straightening, and curling hair. With that said, five things to consider when choosing a flat iron for your hair are, one, the plates, two, the temperature gauge, three, the placement of the temperature gauge and the on and off button, four, the size of the handgrip and lastly the weight of the flat iron. Let's indulge in my reasoning, shall we?

Ceramic irons are said to be a starter iron for folks who are just starting to get their "feet wet" when it comes to straightening their tresses; the heated plates straighten the hair well enough to relax those curls on fine to medium hair. Tourmaline irons typically have high heat throughout the plates, which is excellent for evenly straightening medium to coarse locks. Last but not least, titanium iron plates are infused with negative ions fostering less frizz and longer-lasting straight, silky, shiny hair. Most titanium flat irons are for the more advanced users, also recommended for all hair types; however, adjusting the temperature gauge accordingly.

When choosing a flat iron, best practices select an iron with the temperature gauge and the on and off button placed in an area on the irons where your hands and tresses will not accidentally change the settings. I've purchased irons not focusing on the placement of the temperature gauge, noticing after use that I am accidentally changing the heat level because of where the temperature gauge is located on the irons. Also, keep in mind the heat level is hot enough to straighten your texture hair to your liking.

The flat iron's weight and the hand rest's size are also essential because the lighter the iron, the easier it will be on your wrist, especially if you are a professional hairstylist. Also, if the hand rests are small enough to palm the irons, you're less likely to stop after every section, which will allow you to finish straightening your entire head faster.

Kind Words; Your Hair is your Crown and Glory.

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