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What's beautiful about early morning runs?

Updated: Feb 27

What's beautiful about early morning runs? First and foremost, waking up in the mornings is a blessing; we are still faced with so many uncertainties daily, so to have the "pleasure" of waking up in the mornings to greet the sun, the rain, or the clouds is a glorious day and should be relished in gratitude and thankfulness. Now back to the matter at hand. What's beautiful about early morning runs or walks if that is where you are? For me, it is a combination of the two. One, running will surely wake you up from that deep sleep. Two, running clears your mind; with every step you take, it feels as if layers of discombobulated "stuff" are peeling away. Three, and maybe one of the most essential science tells us, running releases endorphin (Chemical messengers in your body, released by both your central nervous system and your pituitary gland. per Which causes you to feel naturally good without caffeine to get you started in the morning; in layman's terms, it releases stress. I can offer you many more reasons about what's beautiful about early morning runs, but because my goal in my posts is to get to my point without the fluff, I'll give you my last two. The fourth and fifth reasons are, and not necessarily in this order: it gets your day started off healthily and productively. Early morning runs grant you the joy of experiencing the quietness and steadiness of the natural elements around you and the beautiful things created by man and the Devine. I gained a greater appreciation for what has been created by man and the Devine.


Kind Words; Greet the day with joy and gladness, for there may not be an opportunity to greet tomorrow. - Natalie Edwards

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